Your home is one of the greatest assets you can ever own and that’s why it must always be in its best condition all the time. If you are not keen on monitoring your house, serious damages can occur without your knowledge. Water damage is common among homes but the problem is that some homeowners may find it hard to detect. To ensure that the damage caused by water doesn’t cause severe problems, the following 5 signs will help you take action in advance.water damage repair

  1. Mold

Mold can never exist if there is no water around. If it happens that you observe the formation of molds in your home in places you never expected, then you should suspect something. This may be due to some unwanted moisture arising from water damage and this may call for some water damage repair and restoration by experts if after drying it up personally, it still shows up later.

  1. Pool of Water

How can you expect water to puddle in a particular place in your home where no one was involved? For example, you can find in your car’s garage a water pool which created itself. This could be because of water damage that is just showing up. In case you clean it up and still comes back later, that’s a sign of water leakage.

  1. Unwanted Smell

The other indicator that can be used to identify damage by water is a bad odor that didn’t exist in your home. Dampness can be the main cause of this smell hence another simple sign to detect the damage caused by moisture.

  1. Cold Temperatures

water damage repairHave you ever tried to heat your home but ended up with the same coldness? One of the reasons why this could be a sign of water damage is that walls that may have absorbed leaking water will try to use the existing heat to escape away from evaporation. The dampness in the walls and floors will also contribute to cold temperature. During summer you never have to heat your house but when it calls for then this can be a sign too.

  1. Sound of Dripping Water

It’s quite common for your tap to drip and produced that sound which you are used too. How about when the same sound originates from where you never expected? Try to investigate this unusual sound because it could be another sign of damage caused by water.

water damage repair

The above signs are just but the tip of the iceberg that should call for water damage restoration experts.