Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer property financing with the recognized institutional lenders with which financing Thai property by a foreigner was viable.

Previously, both UOB Bank (Singapore) and Bangkok Bank’s Singapore branch would offer financing to qualified foreign borrowers through their Singapore offices, however Bangkok Bank no longer offers this facility at all.

UOB Bank however will still offer this loan facility to qualified borrowers for Bangkok condominium property of a certain value, being bought BY SINGAPORE CITIZENS OR PERMANENT RESIDENTS for the purpose of residence, NOT as investment/rental property.

Please note that this facility if ONLY available on existing Bangkok condo’s (no off-plan) and only to Singaporeans.

Of course there are alternative ways for foreigners to finance Thai property purchases, be it through remortgage of exiting property in your home country, or alternative methods, however we are unable to give any guidance through that process.

We will endeavor to keep up to date with the financing situation with local real estate and international banks regarding Thai property, meanwhile of course Thai borrowers can choose their lender at their leisure!

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